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Compliance with Maryland Home Improvement Laws

Compliance with Maryland Home Improvement LawsAny company or individual that performs construction work for homeowners in the state of Maryland is likely considered a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) under Maryland Home Improvement Law, which governs contract documents and sales transactions with homeowners. Additionally,  there is also the Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act, which imposes additional requirements on HICs, including mandatory contract provisions, such as specific notices and pieces of information that must be explained to homeowners at the time of sale. While the “Door-to-Door Sales Act” sounds as if it only pertains to HICs who travel from door to door, this is not the case. Even contractors who are solicited by homeowners can fall within the purview of the Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act. Therefore, it is important that every HIC in the State of Maryland maintain an updated and compliant contract. Failure to comply with these laws can have serious implications, including criminal  penalties. Compliance with Maryland Home Improvement LawsIf you have questions about Compliance with Maryland Home Improvement Laws, please contact Offit Kurman construction law attorney Brian Loffredo at 301.575.0345 or Brian counsels and represents  clients in the construction industry on matters involving litigation, construction defects, licensing and compliance, collections, mechanic’s liens, payment bond and Miller Act claims, contract drafting, and compliance with home improvement laws and other construction industry laws. Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law: Construction Law Practice Group The attorneys in Offit Kurman’s  Construction Law Practice Group have been representing subcontractors, general contractors, and owners in the mid-Atlantic region for many years. Our construction litigation attorneys represent clients with respect to claims for payment, extra work, changes, delays and lost profits, as well as in connection with litigation, bid protests, mistakes in bidding, and government contracts. Additionally, our attorneys handle mechanic’s lien and payment bond claims, and regularly assist clients with  the preparation and review of contracts and  sensitive correspondence, and analysis and submission of claims. To learn more about Offit Kurman’s Construction Law Practice Group and the services they provide, please fill out our contact form. . You can also connect with Offit Kurman via FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube, and LinkedIn. Sources: Are You In Compliance With Maryland Home Improvement Laws?