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Family Law FAQs: Upon Divorce in Maryland, are Marital Assets split 50/50?

Divorce in MarylandThe Family Law attorneys at Offit Kurman answer a lot of questions, especially when it comes to divorce. Our attorneys provide clients with quality advice gained through years of experience dealing with literally thousands of divorce cases and the issues that arise both before, during and after the divorce.   One  question that our attorneys  are asked with increasing frequency:

“If I don’t have a pre-nuptial agreement, are marital assets divided 50/50 upon divorce in Maryland?”

The short answer: not automatically. While a 50/50 split may be appropriate in certain cases, it is not what the Maryland law states. Maryland law calls for the court to take a number of statutory factors into consideration before making “an adjustment of the equities and rights of the parties concerning marital property.” [Family Law Article Section 8-205(a)]. In other words, the court is expected to make an “equitable” or fair division of assets. Sometimes an equitable division may call for a 50/50 split; other times it may not. Two of the biggest factors the court considers in determining what is equitable are a person’s contributions  to the “well-being of the family” and the manner in which the assets were “acquired.” [Family Law Article Section 8-205(b)(1), (9)].

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Is Marital Property Divided 50/50 Upon Divorce in Maryland?