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Offit Kurman Co-Founder Theodore Offit on Mergers and Acquisitions

A few years ago, Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law co-founder, business attorney, and Managing Principal Theodore A. Offit sat down with SmartCEO Magazine as part of its CEO Forum. Mr. Offit and other local CEOs shared their advice for successful mergers or acquisitions for the article “Done Deal,” which appeared in the June 2011 issue of the magazine.

Offit Kurman Co-Founder Theodore Offit on Mergers and Acquisitions SmartCEO asked local business leaders about their roles in purchasing another company and the lessons they have learned from those experiences. Here is what Mr. Offit had to say: “I spend most of my time on the front side of the transaction – locating the firms that would be growth opportunities, spending time with principals of the firm and determining whether there is a fit – that they have like-minded plans serving the same target markets and growth objectives,” explained Ted Offit. “Then we start getting down to exactly how it works: structure and details.” Throughout the years, Mr. Offit has learned one very important lesson about mergers and acquisitions: it is not easy for people who had previously been managing their own operation to change the way they operate. This process takes time, patience, and communication. “We explain to them that the firm does not interfere with how the lawyers practice law,” said Ted Offit. “We have measurement matrices that have to be complied with as to how they manage the business. We spend a lot of time explaining to them how the matrices work so they can see that they are in control as long as they stay within the guidelines.”

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you have questions about Mergers and Acquisitions, please contact Offit Kurman business attorney, Ted Offit at or 301.575.0304. Mr. Offit often serves as special counsel to businesses seeking to implement succession plans through a sale (merger and acquisition) or through transfers to affiliates (family members and employees).


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