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Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Spendthrift Trusts

HouseFollowing a divorce, things can get ugly. In certain situations, a divorcing spouse will attempt to pierce a third party spendthrift trust – a trust established by someone else for the benefit of that spouse – to make a claim against those assets held in the trust. To make matters worse, several states have public policy and laws in place that allow a divorcing spouse to do exactly that. Other states permit this behavior through what is known as “exception creditor” laws. If it is your goal to protect assets in a potential divorce, you have two general courses of action:

  1. Create a discretionary trust where distributions are completely at the discretion of an independent Trustee that is not required by the trust instrument to provide distributions for the beneficiary’s support and maintenance.
  2. Site the trust in a state where a divorcing spouse is not considered an exception creditor.

There are currently seven states that have laws in place that provide protection against creditors and divorcing spouses. These states include:

  1. South Dakota – Protected
  2. Alaska – Protected
  3. Nevada – Protected
  4. Tennessee – Protected
  5. Wyoming – Protected
  6. Ohio – Protected
  7. Illinois – Protected

The following three states have strong laws that provide protection against creditors, but not a divorcing spouse.

  1. Delaware – Not Protected (Garretson v. Garretson (1973))
  2. New Hampshire – Not Protected (N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. §564-B:5-503(b)(1)-(2))
  3. Florida – Not Protected (Fla. Stat. Ann. §736.0503(2)(a) codifying Bacardi v. White (1985))

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