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Read|Delete 6.25.13

1. Steve Jobs             Apple             Say no to marketing research and focus groups. “Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market research before he invented the telephone?” 2. Bill Gates             Microsoft         Find very smart people and create small teams. 3. Fred Smith             Fed Ex             Always rely on “first-level” managers. 4. Jeff Bezos             Amazon             Take regular mini-retreats. 5. Larry Page and Sergey  Brin     Google             Spare no expense on innovation. 6. Howard Schultz          Starbucks         Always challenge old ways. 7. Mark Zuckerberg          Facebook         Embrace paranoia. 8. John MacKay             Whole Foods         Purpose inspires people. 9. Herb Kelleher          Southwest Airlines     Make your employees #1. 10. Narayan Murthy         Infosys         Sacrifice today; cash in tomorrow. In honor of Independence Day, we salute the independent thinkers,  the mavericks among us, who dare to “think different,” turning concepts into companies and changing the face of business and our experience of our world.  The list above recognizes the top 10 entrepreneurs of our time, according to cnn. Source: “The 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time,” CNNMoney.