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Read|Delete 4.10.13

When CEOs are asked what boards could do to better help the company, their Wish List boils down to this:

  1. Focus more on the risks that are the most crucial to the future of the enterprise.
  2. Do your homework. (“If you don’t take the time and effort to learn the business, I can’t really have a dialogue with you.”)
  3. Bring broad, relevant knowledge to the table.
  4. Do more to challenge strategy constructively. (Most CEOS do not want boards that “rubber stamp.”)
  5. Make successions less, not more, disruptive to operations.

Source:  “What CEOs Really Want of Their Boards,”  Jeffrery Sonnenfeld, Melanie Kusin and Elise Walton,  Harvard Business Review, April 2013, pp. 98-106.