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Mailing: 8171 Maple Lawn Boulevard ,
Suite 200 , Maple Lawn , MD   20759
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Scott Lloyd spent ten years as in-house general counsel to midsize companies in the technology and food industries prior to joining Offit Kurman. He counsels emerging and midsize businesses on a wide array of legal issues in the areas of corporate governance, intellectual property, commercial transactions and dispute resolution, regulatory compliance and international trade. He has supported technology commercialization efforts as counsel and advisor to companies in several industries including information technology, engineering, specialty chemicals and energy, and provides specialized services to companies in FDA-regulated markets such as food and beverage, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Mr. Lloyd is a registered patent attorney who combines his scientific and professional experience to focus his practice on serving the needs of clients requiring an attorney with both legal and scientific expertise to address intellectual property and regulatory support needs. He counsels those companies on intellectual property strategy, assists them in gaining regulatory approvals for products and provides advice on compliance with international import and export regulations. Mr. Lloyd works primarily with small and midsize business owners seeking to implement growth strategies and succession plans.

In addition to working with clients on business issues, Mr. Lloyd maintains an active docket of patent and trademark applications on behalf of companies developing a diverse array of technologies such as software applications, consumer electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other advanced technologies, helping clients build value through the procurement of intellectual properties and strengthening of their brands. He also serves on client due diligence teams involved in the purchase, sale and licensing of intellectual property assets to maximize returns.



Mr. Lloyd has managed business-critical intellectual property portfolios and strategies and resolved high-value commercial disputes efficiently and extrajudicially. He has identified acquisition targets for successful buyout based on intellectual property values, and has developed intellectual property portfolios in support of new company launches. While in house, Mr. Lloyd has also contributed to the successful formation of international affiliates of domestic businesses as well as a $400,000,000 business acquisition.



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Education & Admissions

  • J.D., University of Maryland, School of Law, Cum Laude
  • M.S., Molecular Oncology, Georgetown University
  • B.S., Biology, Loyola College
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • Connecticut
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office


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