2016 Inc. 5000 Honorees

Congratulations To Our Friends

Christopher Brandt
Kevin Gooch
Todd Fisher
Martin Bentz2
David E Eisner
Dianna Dibble
Steve Halligan
Ben Tchoubineh
Brian Razzaque
Keith Miller
Wanda Smith
Jason Peay2 copy
Anne Wagner
Al Pickering

Audacious Inquiry- 2016 Inc. 5000 Ranking #2087

Christopher Brandt, CEO of Audacious Inquiry
Growth: 178%
Sales: $14.6m
Industry: Software

BayFirst Solutions- 2016 Inc. 5000 Rank #1589

Kevin Gooch, CEO of BayFirst Solutions
Growth: 238%
Sales: $42.7m
Industry: Government Services

CallTrackingMetrics- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #228

Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics
Growth: 214%
Sales: $5m
Industry: Software

ClearShark- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #2460

Martin Bentz, CEO of ClearShark
Growth: 145%
Sales: $152.1m
Industry: IT Services

Dataprise- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #4711

David E Eisner, CEO of Dataprise
Growth: 50%
Sales: $38m
Industry: Software

Design To Delivery- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #993

Dianna Dibble, CEO of Design To Delivery
Growth: 403%
Sales: $9.9m
Industry:Government Services

Neighborhood Development Company- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #2940

Steve Halligan, CEO of Neighborhood Development Company
Growth: 75%
Sales: $5m
Industry: Real Estate

Phoenix TS- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #3308

Ben Tchoubineh, CEO of Phoenix TS
Growth: 100%
Sales: $5.7m
Industry: Education

SocialToaster- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #828

Brian Razzaque, CEO of  SocialToaster
Growth: 480%
Sales: $2.7m
Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Strategic Factory- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #3322

Keith Miller, CEO of Strategic Factory
Growth: 99%
Sales: $12.8m
Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Symphony Placements- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #1047

Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements
Growth: 376%
Sales: $7.5m
Industry: Human Resources

VersaTech- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #1913

Jason Peay, CEO of VersaTech
Growth: 195%
Sales: $13.7m
Industry: IT Services

WaveStrike- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #633

Anne Wager, CEO of WaveStrike
Growth: 611%
Sales: $9.1m
Industry: Government Services

The Kaizen Company- 2016 Inc 5000 Rank #2360

Al Pickering, CEO of The Kaizen Company
Growth: 152%
Sales: $5.6m
Industry: Business Products & Services