Mass Toxic Torts

Defending a Broad Range Clients of Complex Liability Disputes

Between the severity of exposure, the number of people affected, and the removal of hazardous materials, mass toxic tort disputes are complex as it is. Do you have a trusted legal partner by your side when an insurance company gets involved?


In the midst of the decades-long litigation over asbestos, there is more at stake than personal injury. Today, numerous individuals, families, businesses, manufacturers, property owners, contractors, and equipment handlers find themselves in urgent, expensive conflict with their insurance providers over chemical exposure liability. In the event that a carrier drops or refuses to honor coverage, you need a legal team prepared and ready to defend your rights.

Our Insight, Experience, and Approach

The attorneys of Offit Kurman’s Mass Toxic Tort Defense Practice Group have years of experience achieving favorable results for clients in mass toxic tort disputes that span long periods of time and broad geographical areas. We know first-hand how significant and extensive these disputes may be, and are committed to working on your behalf and cogently making your case at every stage of the legal process. Whether acting as counsel or representing you or your organization in court, our proactive approach emphasizes fast, affirmative, cost-effective results.


The members of our Practice Group have a shared background in insurance recovery, always representing plaintiffs—never carriers. As independent counsel, our team is not affiliated with any insurance company. Our experience encompasses cases involving coverage for multiple plaintiffs and multiple jurisdictions. To stay ahead of clients’ needs and areas of risk, we have amassed a database of over 350,000 claims and have developed a unique system to handle those claims. Additionally, we draw on practical knowledge of related fields such as construction law, indemnification, and commercial litigation to devise comprehensive, compelling legal strategies for clients we represent.


Offit Kurman’s Mass Toxic Tort Defense attorneys also provide services for those embroiled in product liability disputes and non-chemical exposure incidents. Whether you seek justice as a single plaintiff or one of several, or through a class action lawsuit, you can count on Offit Kurman to bring your case to swift resolution.


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