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Cardinal to buy J&J vascular technology unit Cordis

Cardinal Health said on Monday that it would buy Johnson & Johnson’s Cordis vascular technology unit for $1.9 billion and that the acquisition would boost 2017 earnings by 20 cents per share.

Cardinal, one of the largest U.S. drug distribution companies, said the business would expand its equipment offerings for physicians. About 70 percent of Cordis revenues are outside the U.S. and principal markets include Europe, China, and Japan. Read More >>

Michael Mercurio’s Anatomy of the M&A Deal

Whichever side of an M&A transaction you find yourself on, corporate attorney Michael Mercurio has your back. As chair of Offit Kurman’s Business Law and Transactions Practice, Mr. Mercurio counsels clients during every stage of their business’ life cycle, from formation and management to transfers and expansions. Entrepreneurs and executives laud Mr. Mercurio’s practical guidance. Read More >>


Post-closing Matters in M&A Transactions

The day you sign away ownership of your business is a major milestone in the M&A process, but it is not the end of the deal. Both parties—buyer and seller alike—still face obligations to each other, as well as to the business in question.

Many consider the closing date “Day One,” as it is usually the first time the buyer assumes control of the business’s operations. This is the first day you no longer own your business. Beyond the shift in leadership…


The Process of Buying and Selling a Business

Offit Kurman business attorney Mike Mercurio offers his insights into the process of buying and selling a business in this excerpt from his “Dissecting the Deal” panel discussion from September 17, 2013.Click Here to watch the panel discussion.




The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of M&A Deals
Factors To Consider When Closing M&A Deals

No matter how thoroughly you prepare to sell your business, closing a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal requires a great deal of patience and commitment from the seller’s vantage point. Chances are you will need to wait longer than you would otherwise prefer to receive your payout, as there are many I’s to dot and t’s to cross by the buyer. Keep focused and be mindful of seller fatigue (that uncanny sensation to just give in to the buyer’s demands in order to get the deal finished) Read More >>